Research of the problem of optimization and development of a calculation method for two-stage chain drives used in heavy industrial vehicles in conditions of economic efficiency

Keywords: gearbox, stars (sprockets), chain drive, durability, objective function, two-stage, boring, durabilitycalculation method


The article is dedicated to the problem of optimization of chain drives of the drilling unit. At present, increasing the power per machine to the optimal limits, reducing the material and energy consumption per unit capacity of the machine, as well as operating costs are considered topical issues. The machines that are designed and constructed to optimal limits must be very powerful and productive. The machines that are applied to perform drilling works in the oil and gas industry must be easy to operate, reliable and have ability to operate for a long time. When constructing such machines, their being lightweight, economical, as well as their preparation in a short time and at low cost should be taken into account in advance. In order to ensure the reliable operation of drilling rigs, it is more expedient to apply chain drive in their mechanical transmission. First of all, the application of chain drive in drilling units and hoisting mechanisms is considered. Then a calculation method was developed for the chain drives of the drilling unit used in deep exploration wells and the exploitation of wells, and, accordingly, the calculation of the chain drive was carried out. The chain drive consists of drive and driven sprockets and a chain that encompasses the sprockets and engages in their teeth. Chain drives with several driven sprockets are also used. In addition to the basic listed elements, chain drives include tensioners, lubricating device and guards. The chain consists of hinged links that provide mobility or “flexibility” of the chain. Chain drives can be performed in a wide range of parameters. The calculation took into account the quality of the material, the service life and durability of the chain drive construction


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Author Biographies

Sevda Aliyeva, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University

Department of Mechanics

Javida Damirova, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University

Department of Control and System Engineering

Sevinc Abasova, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University

Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics


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Aliyeva, S., Damirova, J., & Abasova, S. (2021). Research of the problem of optimization and development of a calculation method for two-stage chain drives used in heavy industrial vehicles in conditions of economic efficiency. EUREKA: Physics and Engineering, (4), 105-112.