Heat transfer analysis cabinet-type ERK solar dryer machine for drying agricultural products

Keywords: air blower, agricultural commodities, cabinet-type, dryer machine, drying oven, ERK solar dryer, heat radiation, heat transfer, heater, temperature distribution


The Cabinet-type ERK solar dryer is manufactured by a temperature distribution process so that the temperature inside the appliance is well distributed. The cabinet-type ERK solar dryer comprises several components to maintain the water content, including a drying oven, air blower, heat-resistant pipe, hot water pump, thermostat, heat exchanger, and heater. These tools are used to convert heat radiation into conduction or convection so that the dried agricultural products' water content is relatively low. The data needed to show the quality of the tool include temperature on temperature received by the wall (Tw), absorbent plate (Tp) and room temperature (Tr). And as for other supporting data including the environmental air/ ambient temperature (Ta) and solar irradiation (I) for optimal tool usage time.

The experiment results for 5.5 hours, as many as 23 measurements with time interval 15 minutes, obtained a relatively unchanged temperature distribution. During that time, the average temperature received by the wall (Tw) was 41.26 °C, while the middle plate temperature (Tp) was 40.65 °C and room temperature (Tr) was 40.71 °C. Thus, the temperature in the Cabinet-type ERK solar dryer is well distributed. The distribution percentage between wall temperature and plate temperature is 98.52 %, while wall temperature and room temperature are 98.67 %. The result indicates that the Cabinet-type ERK solar dryer is potential as a drying device for agricultural commodities. It is hoped that the Cabinet-type ERK solar dryer will be an alternative to a drying system that can improve the quality of agricultural commodities for farmers in Indonesia


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Author Biographies

Yayat Ruhiat, Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa

Department of Physics Education

Yudi Guntara, Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa

Department of Physics Education


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