A real-time defect detection in printed circuit boards applying deep learning

Keywords: Printed circuit board, defect detection, deep learning, computer vision, RESNET


Inspection of defects in the printed circuit boards (PCBs) has both safety and economic significance in the 4.0 industrial manufacturing. Nevertheless, it is still a challenging problem to be studied in-depth due to the complexity of the PCB layouts and the shrinking down tendency of the electronic component size. In this paper, a real-time automated supervision algorithm is proposed to test the PCBs quality among different scenarios. The density of the PCBs layout and the complexity on the surface are analyzed based on deep learning and image feature extraction algorithms. To be more detailed, the ORB feature and the Brute-force matching method are utilized to match perfectly the input images with the PCB templates. After transferring images by aiding the RANSAC algorithm, a hybrid method using modern computer vision algorithms is developed to segment defective areas on the PCBs surface. Then, by applying the enhanced Residual Network –50, the proposed algorithm can classify the groove defects on the surface mount technology electronic components which minimum size up to 1x3 mm. After the training process, the proposed system is capable to categorize various types of overproduced, recycled, and cloned PCBs. The speed of the quality testing operation maintains at a high level with an average precision rate up to 96.29 % in case of good brightness conditions. Finally, the computational experiments demonstrate that the proposed system based on deep learning can obtain superior results and it outperforms several existing works in terms of speed, precision, and robustness


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Author Biographies

Van-Truong Nguyen, Hanoi University of Industry

Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Huy-Anh Bui, Hanoi University of Industry

Department of Mechatronics Engineering


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