Implementation of the dynamic balancing approach of a rotating composite hollow shaft

Keywords: composite hollow shaft, balancing, mathematical modelling approach, critical speed


Balancing is essential in rotating machinery, which is widely employed in many technical sectors, particularly in high-speed rotor-bearing systems. The mass balancing method of the hollow shaft manufactured of composite materials is investigated in this study over the whole speed range of the rotor. The main goal of the balancing technique is to generate a smooth-running machine by removing the commonality imbalance mass through the use of compensating mass unbalance. As a result, MATLAB code is created to produce a functioning mathematical model of the rotor-bearing system. The unbalanced rotor-bearing system finite element model is proposed to set the balancing mass of the composite hollow shaft at a selected speed rotor that allows minimizing the vibration response amplitude of the rotor as much as possible with minimal impact on the rest of the imbalance response within the speed range of the interest. As a consequence, this study validates the process for distributing imbalance in modelling balancing to balance the flexible hollow shaft with an unbalanced mass throughout the complete speed range of the shaft. The balance of the hollow shaft at the critical speed was observed in this approach, and the vibration amplitude was determined by adding extra mass at a specific angle


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Author Biography

Ala’a M. Al-Falahat, Mutah University

Department of Mechanical Engineering


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