Research of the technology for hydrate prevention in gas transportation system

Keywords: compressor, gas, condensate, inhibitor, separator, technological, methanol, environment, liquid, transportation


The principal aim of natural and associated gas preparation to transportation is provision of normal transportation inside field niacin gas pipelines. Developed gas and gas condensate field, production of which consists of great amount of different aggressive admixtures and mineral salts, require efficient of natural gas for further transportation.

The results of aforesaid system phase state test investigation are given in the article. Its presently at water phase and salt composition.

A Principals physical and chemical factors of inhibitor composition under different proportion of components were determined under laboratory conditions. New inhibitor composition, was selected on the base of experimental investigation results there also was developed the technology of inhibitor application for gas field treatment.

Since the efficiency of gas storage and transportation processes depends on the compliance of these processes with the requirements of the related equipment and relevant technologies, the operating modes of gas lift lines and compressor stations should be regularly examined. There is no doubt that the efficiency of storage and transportation of natural and associated gas is ensured at a distributed level, provided that the technological equipment is reliable, durable and operates in accordance with the requirements. One of the most important issues is to improve the used technology to prevent hydrate formation in the process of production, storage and transportation of gas condensate in complex conditions. On the basis of scientific a research and field surveys there were developed new scientific a technical measure to increase the efficiency of the installation for preparation of gas


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Author Biographies

Abdulaga Gurbanov, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University

Department of Transportation and Storage of Oil and Gas

Ijabika Sardarova, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University

Department of Electronics and Automation

Javida Damirova, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University

Department of Electronics and Automation


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Research of the technology for hydrate prevention in gas transportation system

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