• Dmitry Tatievskyi Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy
Keywords: automation, wheel, three-axle road train model, semitrailer, rectilinear motion, reverse motion, hauler, control, Unity 3D


The complexity of controlling the road train is due to pronounced nonlinearities, as well as the instability of the control object under reverse motion, often leading to a phenomenon known as jackknifing. Because of this, the task of controlling their motion is relevant, both from the theoretical point of view and from the point of view of the practical implementation of software motion with given constraints.

The task of controlling the motion of a road train with a semitrailer under the assumption of non-holonomic constraints (the absence of lateral slippage of support wheels) has a great theoretical and applied significance. Research in this field is stimulated by numerous applied problems.

For road trains, the location of the towing device behind the rear axle (off-axle hitching model) is quite typical. This model is used in this study. For this model, management and planning methods are proposed, using a diverse mathematical apparatus. Among the most frequently used methods, let’s select the methods of feedback linearization and chain systems, and methods are used, which are exclusively due to the geometric features of the model kinematics formulated in cascade form. Synthesis of control laws can be performed after the linearization of the model by state feedback, using the Lie algebra apparatus, fuzzy logic, using linear-quadratic controllers, nilpotent approximation, and so on.

Studies have been carried out on the state of solving the problem associated with the reverse motion of a road train consisting of a hauler and a semitrailer with a coupling sideshift. The synthesized stabilizing control allowed to study the features of such model, determined by its linear dimensions and dynamic parameters.

In this study, one of the possibilities of stabilizing the reversal motion of the dynamic model of a two-link road train on a rectilinear and circular track is considered. Synthesis of the stabilizing control is obtained for the case of rectilinear motion, hauler, stable circular stationary regimes are realized. The obtained theoretical relationships that determine the properties of the crew's ability to rotate when moving in reverse, allow the latter to be used when the algorithm is implemented.


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Author Biography

Dmitry Tatievskyi, Zaporizhzhya State Engineering Academy

Department of Software of Automated Systems


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