• Igor Motuzyuk Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Oleg Sydorchuk Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Yevhenii Kostiuchenko Bogomolets National Medical University
  • Ivan Smolanka National Cancer Institute
Keywords: lipofilling, breast cancer, breast reconstruction


In this article the authors described the experience of lipofilling usage at the National Cancer Institute.

Aim of this work was to improve the aesthetic results of surgical treatment of breast cancer patients by the usage of lipofilling in patients after breast reconstruction. The description of methods of lipofilling and their application in cancer patients, the benefits of usage of LipiVage® system was performed.

Materials and methods. The study included 42 women with breast cancer, who received special treatment in 2012–2016. The main group included 21 patients that have received special treatment and undergone lipofilling. The control group included 21 patients, who received only special treatment, (with no lipofilling). Different objective and subjective criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of lipofilling in achieving a satisfactory aesthetic result in patients, who underwent radical and reconstructive surgery for breast cancer, were used in this investigation.

The results shows that the implementation of lipofilling improves the aesthetic perception after breast reconstruction in 20 % of patients, decreases the number of complications after reconstructive operations and are not accompanied by a worsening of results of special treatment in breast cancer patients.

In conclusion it can be noted that our results show a high efficiency of lipofilling after special treatment, its safety and advisability for further usage.


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Author Biographies

Igor Motuzyuk, Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Oncology

Oleg Sydorchuk, Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Oncology 

Yevhenii Kostiuchenko, Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Oncology 

Ivan Smolanka, National Cancer Institute

Department of Breast Cancer and its' Reconstructive Surgery 


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