Ultrasonography (USG) as an adjuvant diagnostic aid in fascial space infections

Keywords: ultrasonography, fascial space infections, incision and drainage, abscess, cellulitis, buccal space, orthopantomograph, odontogenic


The aim: to evaluate the efficiency of USG as an adjuvant diagnostic aid in fascial space infections and help draw a treatment plan as per the diagnosis made by USG examination

Materials and methods: 60 patients having odontogenic superficial fascial space infection of the maxillofacial region were included. All of the patients included in our study were properly examined clinically with proper work up done, ordering different radiographs necessary to ascertain odontogenic cause most patients diagnosed with cellulitis were given medical line of treatment, and those with abscess were subjected to incision and drainage. Informed consent was obtained from all the participants involved in the study.

Results: in this study, total of 60 patients were studied. Out of 60 patients of odontogenic facial space infections, 24 were male and 36 were female. Buccal space was the most common space involved (24;40 %) followed by submandibular space (9;15.0 %) than Canine space (6;10 %). In a total of 60 cases, clinical diagnosis of cellulitis was made in 18 cases (30 %) and that of abscess in 42 patients (70.0 %).

All patients were subjected to the USG examination in which cellulitis was diagnosed in 24 cases (40 %) and abscess in 36 cases (60 %).

Conclusion: USG could be considered to be a valuable adjuvant to clinical examination in patients with fascial space infection and help in delivering better treatment, after intervention 34 cases were found to be abscess while USG found 36 cases hence clearly proving the superiority of USG in diagnosis of abscess than clinical examination.

It has its own advantages like minimal cost, repeated examinations, and readily available in especially in developing countries where people could not easily afford better imaging modalities


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Author Biographies

Mohd Younis Bhat, Government Dental College & Hospital Srinagar

Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Ajaz Ahmad Shah, Government Dental College & Hospital Srinagar

Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


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