Retrospective study of Ct brain imaging findings indicated for infants at a tertiary care hospital

Keywords: Hypoxia ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), seizures, Infants, computerised tomography(CT), HIE (Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy), Neurosonogram (NSG)


Computed tomography in the diagnosis of pathologies in children is becoming increasingly popular.

The aim: to study findings of referrals for CT scans (Computerised Tomography) of the brain in children in the department of Radiology in a developing environment.

Materials and methods: retrospective imaging observational study was done in a 1000 bedded tertiary care hospital in South India in the year 2022 from April to August for 5 months under 16 slice CT scan. Cases are referred from the department of Pediatrics to the department of Radiology as part of the routine clinical evaluation and treatment protocol.

Results: Our sample includes 100 infants; after exclusion criteria total of 60 infants' brain CTs were taken into account, and analysed their imaging from radiology department records. Of 60 cases, 18 (30 %) showed HIE Pattern, and 42 (70 %) had normal plain CT Brain findings. However, due to clinical signs and symptoms, they are evaluated under сontrast CT imaging (after checking creatinine levels), showing 20 cases (33.3 %) are standard, 10 cases (16.6 %) show meningitis, and 2 cases (3.3 %) show SOL. Out of 18 cases of HIE, 10 cases (16.6 %) are under less than 6 months and they undergone neuro sonogram showing 4 cases (6.6 %) normal NSG, 2 cases (3.3 %) showing grade IV HIE, another 2 cases (3.3 %) showing grade II, III HIE Findings.

Conclusions: Our study concluded that plain CT brain showed normal in the majority of the cases which came to the department of Radiology after admission to the hospital. Those cases with strong clinical history are evaluated with contrast CT and evaluated the findings. After contrast imaging, most cases showing their infective, obstructive, and other causes of illness are interpreted. However, its role is minimal for seizures in which CT/CECT shows normal study. Under 6 months, NSG is a suitable method for evaluating and screening the infant's brain.


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Author Biographies

Arelly Jyostna, Osmania Medical College

Department of Pediatrics

Talluri Sunitha, Osmania Medical College

Department of Radiology

Athkuri Ravi Teja, Osmania Medical College

Department of Radiology

Vijaya Kumari M., Osmania Medical College

Department of Radiology

Ashwini Jyothi A. J., Osmania Medical College

Department of Radiology

Sunil Kumar P., Osmania Medical College

Department of Radiology


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