Apparent prevalence of brucellosis, Q-fever and toxoplasmosis in aborted goat’s at North Shoa, Ethiopia

Keywords: Abortion, Antibodies, Brucellosis, Ethiopia, Goat, North Shoa, Q-fever, Parities, Seroprevalence, Toxoplasmosis


Abortion imposes great economical loss in productivity and by product of small ruminants. The present study was conducted to determine the rate of abortion and apparent prevalence of Brucellosis, Toxoplasmosis and Q-fever in aborted goats from June 2015 to August 2019 in North Shoa, Ethiopia. During consecutive years of clinical case study 503 does were entered to mating, of which100 (19.5 %) animals aborted. There were significant differences (p=0.013) in abortion among parities. A total of 35 serum samples were collected from aborted does within six months periods. All samples were screened initially with Rose Bengal plate test (RBPT) for Brucellosis. All RBPT positive were further tested by i-ELISA. Also, serums were tasted to screen specific antibody against Q-fever and Toxoplasmosis using i-ELISA. Of total tested 64.7 % and 8.6 % of them were positive for Q-fever and Toxoplasmosis, respectively, but neither of them was positive for Brucellosis. The present clinical study revealed that abortion was the cause of kids’ loss and serological investigation of antibody against Q-fever and Toxoplasmosis showed that the agents were the major causes of abortion. Even though there was no positive reactor does to brucellosis, the result must be interpreted with care since absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Beside of this, some samples collected from active cases were sero-negative for neither of tested antibodies; it indicated there was other cause/s of abortion in the study site. These interesting findings deserve further detail study by using more sensitive diagnostic test in order to examine the full extent of the problem in small ruminant populations. Also, an awareness-raising campaign should be launched to educate farm workers and professionals about proper preventive and control measures for such zoonotic diseases


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Author Biographies

Enyiew Alemnew Alamerew, Debre Birhan Agricultural Research Centre

Livestock Research Directorate

Erdachew Yitagesu, Debre Birhan Agricultural Research Centre

Livestock Research Directorate

Alemnew Areaya, Debre Birhan Agricultural Research Centre

Livestock Research Directorate

Derib Aydefruhim, Debre Birhan Agricultural Research Centre

Livestock Research Directorate


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Apparent prevalence of brucellosis, Q-fever and toxoplasmosis in aborted goat’s at North Shoa, Ethiopia

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