• Lesia Mikhieieva Higher education institution «Khortytsia National Educational and Rehabilitation Academy» Zaporizhzhia Regional Council
Keywords: visual identification, brand, music group, merch, corporative style, advertising, logotype


The analysis of modern literary sources demonstrates that studying of visual identification elements is considered by authors of scientific researches in the aspect of their use for business-structures. Specific sectors of human activity and the art sphere are either ignored or not taken into account. But some art spheres have their own specific peculiarities that can add design theory by the new view on a series of classic definitions and paradigms.

The article considers visual identification elements in the classic design theory and additional visual identification elements on the example of a genre sphere of human activity in music art. The problem arose at describing visual identification elements of music groups that influence the formation of their brand. There are determined several visual identification elements, inherent to creative groups, working in the sphere of audiovisual art.

The tasks, set at the research:

– analysis of literary sources in the research problem;

– analysis of visual materials for revealing certain signs;

– determination of additional visual identification elements, inherent to creative groups, working in the sphere of audiovisual art;

– brief description of obtained results.

Research methods: review of literary data in the topic; collection of a sampling of designs objects; observation and comparison of design objects from the collected material.

Results: there are offered additional visual identification elements of the thematic activity spheres in music art.

Scientific novelty: an ordered list of visual identification elements, both common and additional, used for brand creation.

Practical importance: the offered list of graphic identification elements may be used in scientific studies; in the learning process at studying the research topic at preparing learning and methodical manuals in graphic design.


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Author Biography

Lesia Mikhieieva, Higher education institution «Khortytsia National Educational and Rehabilitation Academy» Zaporizhzhia Regional Council

Department of Design Municipal


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