Keywords: information protection, computerization, principles, information security, technological process, computer systems


In modern conditions of growth of informatization, to ensure the reliability of the functioning of distributed computer information-diagnostic and control systems, which are mandatory for consideration, there are problems of assessing security and implementing protection of operational information.

The state of information protection and the reliability of computer systems for corporate monitoring and diagnosis of the railway power supply system are analyzed. The main tasks in the intellectualization of component systems are defined, namely traction electric network. The principles of information protection are proposed, which include: active protection of information; convincing protection of information, consisting in the justification of the design and measures to protect the conditions and circumstances. Such a principle as the continuity of the information protection process provides for the organization of the protection of objects at all stages of the development and operation life cycle. A variety of information protection tools provides for the exclusion of patterns at the stage of selecting cover objects and various ways to implement protection, not excluding the use of standard solutions.

The combination of the above principles in the work is called an integrated approach to information security, which is the basis for the creation of computer information protection systems. According to the sphere of information security, this approach complies with international ISO standards, and for the technical protection of information and state standards it complies with the requirements of existing national legislative and regulatory documents.

To ensure the security of information stored and processed in computer systems, the coordinated application of various security measures is necessary.


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Author Biographies

Halyna Holub, State University of Infrastructure and Technologies

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies of Transport

Olena Soloviova, State University of Infrastructure and Technologies


Department of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics


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