• Eugenia Beletskaya Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport
  • Aleksandr Ogar Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport
Keywords: economy, ecology, industry, use of natural resources, rational nature management, environmental safety


The article deals with the problems of ensuring environmental safety and environmental protection, economic prerequisites for irrational nature management. The economic development of terrestrial civilization is associated with the accelerating growth of consumption of natural resources of the planet, as a result of which depletion of stocks of non-renewable types of natural raw materials and deterioration of the state of the environment as a result of intensive nature management and its environmental impact. To mechanize work in huge quantities, energy resources are consumed, natural landscapes change, artificial landscapes arise due to waste storage, hydrogeological regimes of rivers, lakes and territories change, climate changes and the reverse effect of the forces of nature. Development is accompanied by the involvement of natural resources in operation in ever increasing volumes and scales. The necessity of rethinking the technogenic and ionosphere civilization concepts of human development from the point of view of ecological safety is considered. The effectiveness of the approach to the management of ecological and economic systems is that there will be stabilization and improvement of the ecological status, preservation of unique natural objects, environmental safety of the population, sanitation of environmentally harmful and hazardous industries will be ensured. The transition to low-waste and non-waste technologies will become more real


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Author Biographies

Eugenia Beletskaya, Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport

Senior Lecturer

Department of Human engineering and Environmental Protection

Aleksandr Ogar, Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport

PhD, Professor

Department of Railway stations and junctions


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