Technology transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions 2022-12-03T20:02:26+02:00 O. Domina Open Journal Systems <p>Scientific papers from an annual conference <strong>«</strong><strong>Technology Transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions»</strong>&nbsp;address topical issues of technological advancements, the implementation of which could contribute to the development of different sectors of the economy. When assessing the quality of scientific reports submitted for publication, reviewers pay attention not only to the originality of scientific results, but also to the possibility of their transformation into the form that could become the basis for practical implementation.&nbsp;<br>Subjects of scientific reports cover all areas of scientific knowledge in engineering that could contribute to the creation and implementation of engineering products in industry: the design of technological systems, including by methods of mathematical modeling, materials science, technologies of extraction, transformation, and processing of materials, IT applications, energy supply.<br>All these works can be evaluated based on the results achieved in terms of resource and energy saving, improving the quality and competitiveness of products, reducing the environmental burden in the production process.<br>The published volumes of scientific reports are not large, but they reflect the obtained results of research in the most compact form corresponding to the standard structure of scientific papers.<br>Main users of the published scientific reports from the conference are experts-practitioners interested in the implementation of scientific developments.&nbsp;<br>The structure and content of scientific reports define the mission and tittle of the scientific conference <strong>«</strong><strong>Technology Transfer: fundamental principles and innovative technical solutions»</strong>.</p> <p><strong>Headlines of the conference:<br></strong>- Computer sciences<br>- Material science<br>- Mechanics science<br>- Fundamental and applied physics<br>- Ecology science<br>- Chemical engineering<br>- Chemical science<br>- Mechanical engineering<br>- Mathematical sciences<br>- Geology<br>- Engineering<br>- Chemistry<br>- Earth and planetary sciences</p> Scanning electron microscopy and X-ray microanalysis of the condition of concrete structures of a chemical enterprise with long-term corrosion in a sulfate environment 2022-11-28T19:45:12+02:00 Viktoriia Ivchenko Oksana Shkromada Olha Shvets <p>Long-term operation of premises in aggressive environments of chemical enterprises affects the surfaces of concrete structures and leads to the formation of destructive processes.</p> <p>The aim of the study was to determine changes in the structure and mineral composition of concrete during long-term operation in an aggressive sulfate environment at a chemical plant for the production of titanium dioxide using the sulfate method to predict the service life of concrete structures.</p> <p>It has been established that during the production of TiO<sub>2</sub> pigment by the sulfate method, the ore is decomposed by sulfate acid at high temperature, accompanied by the release of H<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub> vapor, sulfur dioxide SO<sub>2</sub>, hydrogen sulfide H<sub>2</sub>S and elemental sulfur. Studies have established that sulfate corrosion leads to the formation of sulfur and iron oxides on the concrete surface. Studies have revealed vast areas of the surface covered with crystals of elemental sulfur, the contents of which are confirmed by the results of X-ray microanalysis. The sizes of sulfur crystals in the image range from 12 to 180&nbsp;µm, the shape corresponds to the rhombic allotropic modification S8. The penetration depth of iron sulfates into the thickness of concrete is about 50&nbsp;microns. The microstructure of the surface is loose, with signs of corrosion.</p> <p>Exposure to a high concentration of sulphate acid vapors in the workshop of the enterprise led to the destruction of calcium carbonate and the formation of gypsum crystals in concrete. The formation of gypsum crystalline hydrates provokes sulfate corrosion of concrete, resulting in the formation of pores and microcracks in concrete with the formation of calcium hydrosulfoaluminate.</p> <p>The studies carried out using scanning electron microscopy and X-ray microanalysis make it possible to investigate the structural changes and mineral composition of concrete under the influence of long-term sulfate corrosion.</p> 2022-11-28T19:04:51+02:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Viktoriia Ivchenko, Oksana Shkromada, Olha Shvets Lexicon-based sentiment analysis of medical data 2022-12-02T11:51:43+02:00 Masuma Mammadova Zarifa Jabrayilova Nargiz Shikhaliyeva <p>The article explores the possibilities of applying sentiment analysis for the use of information collected in the medical social media environment in medical decision-making. Opinions and feedbacks of medical social media subjects (physician, patient, health institution, etc.) make media resources an important source of information. The information collected in these sources can be used to improve the quality of health care and make decisions, taking into account the public opinion. Researches in this field have actualized the application of artificial intelligence methods, i.e., sentiment analysis methods. In this regard, it segments the medical social media environment in accordance with user relationships, and shows the nature of the information collected on each segment and its importance in decision-making to improve the quality of medical services. The possibilities of applying the lexicon-based sentiment analysis method for studying and classifying the collected data are explained in detail. The open database <em>cms_hospital_satisfaction_2019</em> by the <em>Kaggle</em> company is used, and the opinions collected from patients about the services provided by a specific medical center are analyzed. This study analyzes opinions using the Valence Aware Dictionary and Sentiment Reasoner lexicon and classifies them as neutral, positive and negative and the implementation of this process is described in stages. The importance of the obtained results in decision-making regarding the better organization, evaluation and improvement of the activity of the medical institution is shown</p> 2022-11-28T19:08:56+02:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Masuma Mammadova, Zarifa Jabrayilova, Nargiz Shikhaliyeva Algorithm for early diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma based on gene pair similarity 2022-12-02T11:51:48+02:00 Zarifa Jabrayilova Lala Garayeva <p>The article proposes an algorithm based on intelligent methods for the early diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), known as liver cancer, which is rated third cause of cancer deaths in the world. Initial diagnosis of HСC is based on laboratory studies, computer tomography and X-ray examination. However, in some cases, identifying cancerous tissues as similar non-cancerous tissues (cirrhotic tissues and normal tissues) made it necessary to perform gene analysis for the diagnosis. To predict HCC based on such numerous, diverse and heterogeneous unstructured data, preference is given to the method of artificial intelligence, i.e., machine learning. It shows the possibility of applying machine learning methods to solve the problem of accurate identification of HCC due to the compatibility of HCC tissues with identical CwoHCC non-cancerous tissues. The technology of gene pair profiling using relevant peer databases is described and the Within-Sample Relative Expression Orderings (REO) technique is used to determine the gene pair’s similarity. The article also presents a new approach based on The Within-Sample Relative Expression Orderings technique for determining the gene pair’s similarity, Incremental feature selection method for feature selection, and Support Vector Machine methods for gene pair classification. The proposed approach constitutes the methodological basis of a decision support system for the early diagnosis of HCC, and the development of such a system may be beneficial for physician decision support in the relevant field</p> 2022-11-28T19:12:56+02:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Zarifa Jabrayilova, Lala Garayeva A conceptual model of the data ecosystem formation in the health 4.0 2022-12-02T11:51:54+02:00 Masuma Mammadovа Aytan Adil Ahmadova <p>Digitalization of health and medicine has become a global trend in recent years. The development of this trend is manifested in improving the quality of medical care, increasing access to medical services, and ensuring more effective health decisions. The global health trend is characterized by the transition from e-health to digital health, which is closely related to the formation and development of Industry&nbsp;4.0. The projection of innovative approaches of Industry&nbsp;4.0 into the health sector opens up great opportunities for creating a new healthcare paradigm (Health&nbsp;4.0) by integrating modern technologies, analytical tools and smart medical devices.</p> <p>This article highlights Industry&nbsp;4.0 technologies, the integration of which into healthcare has led to the generation of a huge amount of various data. Data collected through new technologies on the Health&nbsp;4.0 platform, their types, structure, sources and capabilities are examined. It is shown that for the collection, transmission, storage, processing of heterogeneous data of a large volume, the introduction of new approaches and methods is required. In the environment of technological transformation, the evolution of the healthcare system at the data level and the conceptual model of the chain of formation of the Healthcare&nbsp;4.0 ecosystem are proposed. The content of the components included in the Healthcare 4.0 data ecosystem is determined. Some problems arising in the formation of the data ecosystem on the Healthcare&nbsp;4.0 platform and the processing of large health data are studied</p> 2022-11-28T19:17:11+02:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Masuma Mammadovа, Aytan Adil Ahmadova Methodical approach to increase the speed of decision-making in information systems 2022-11-28T19:45:12+02:00 Yurii Artabaiev Oleh Shknai Serhii Mordvinov <p>The relevance of the research lies in the need to increase the efficiency of the process of evaluating the object of evaluation while ensuring the given reliability, regardless of the hierarchical construction of the object of evaluation. The object of research is information systems. The subject of the study is the efficiency of the evaluation process. The hypothesis of the study is to increase the efficiency of the process at a given reliability. In the study, an improved methodology for increasing the efficiency of the evaluation process based on bio-inspired algorithms was proposed. In the course of the conducted research, the general provisions of the theory of artificial intelligence were used to solve the problem of analyzing the state of objects in intelligent decision support systems.</p> <p>The essence of improvement is to use the following procedures:</p> <p>−&nbsp;taking into account the type of uncertainty about the state of the object of evaluation;</p> <p>−&nbsp;taking into account the degree of the noise of the data on the state of the object of evaluation;</p> <p>−&nbsp;using the ant algorithm and the genetic algorithm to find the path metric when evaluating the state of the evaluation object;</p> <p>−&nbsp;deep learning of synthetic ants using evolving artificial neural networks.</p> <p>An example of the use of the proposed methodology is presented in the example of the assessment of a hierarchical object. The specified model showed a 15−22&nbsp;% increase in data processing efficiency due to the use of additional improved procedures</p> 2022-11-28T19:20:24+02:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Yurii Artabaiev, Oleh Shknai, Serhii Mordvinov Mimo technology in multi-radar systems for detecting stealthy air objects 2022-11-28T20:03:52+02:00 Vitaliy Lishchenko Hennadii Khudov Yuriy Solomonenko <p>The main trends in the development of air objects are analyzed (the means of air attack in the conduct of the Russian-Ukrainian war are taken as a basis). It has been established that the increase in the efficiency of radar surveillance of airspace is currently being carried out due to the quantitative increase in radar stations. In this paper, to improve the quality of detection of subtle air objects, the use of multi-position location (based on MIMO systems) is proposed. The principle of operation of a spatially coherent MIMO system is considered. The set of spaced positions of a spatially coherent multi-position system is considered as a single sparse antenna array. The possibility of increasing the resolution in planar coordinates in a MIMO system compared to the resolution of a single autonomous radar station is shown. The calculated ratio for increasing the resolution of such a system is given. Detection curves are given for the case of a spatially coherent MIMO radar system for the case when the radar stations of the system operate simultaneously in the transceiver mode. It has been established that the transition from an autonomous radar station to a MIMO system leads to a significant shift in detection characteristics to the left. It has been established that an increase in the number of radar stations in the system leads to a less significant shift in the detection characteristics to the left, which indicates a decrease in the effect. The radar systems proposed by MIMO can be built on the basis of existing radar stations of a predominantly new fleet. It is especially advantageous to use radar facilities based on phased antenna arrays for these purposes. It is advisable to use such systems in particularly dangerous areas to cover important military, government and critical infrastructure facilities</p> 2022-11-28T00:00:00+02:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Vitaliy Lishchenko, Hennadii Khudov, Yuriy Solomonenko Research on accuracy of electrical energy measurement in microgrid for mine dewatering 2022-11-28T19:45:13+02:00 Kateryna Vasylets Sviatoslav Vasylets Anton Kylymchuk <p>The object of the study is the current transformers of the electricity metering unit as part of the microgrid for mine dewatering, which includes a photovoltaic station. The need to pump mine waters is caused by the danger of flooding large areas. The introduction of a photovoltaic station to power underground pumps reduces electricity consumption from the central power grid. At the same time, it changes the operating conditions of the metering unit. There is a need to measure both the currents of the pumps in the absence of solar generation, as well as relatively small current flows in the case of commensurate capacities generated and consumed within the microgrid. A feature of electromagnetic current transformers is a decrease in the accuracy of operation if the primary current is several percent of the rated value. Based on the analysis of variance of the experimental data, it was established that there is a statistically significant connection between the secondary and primary currents of the measuring transformer at insignificant values of the primary current. Estimates of the values of the linear regression parameters that link the secondary and primary currents were determined. It was established that in the range of the transformer primary current from 0.22&nbsp;% to 1.4&nbsp;%, the current error reaches a value of 6.7&nbsp;%. Taking into account the resulting dependence in the software of the electricity metering unit will make it possible to increase the accuracy of energy metering. Accordingly, the accuracy of financial calculations will be increased</p> 2022-11-28T19:29:44+02:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Kateryna Vasylets, Sviatoslav Vasylets, Anton Kylymchuk Innovative technology to solve the problems of automation of mining and geological works 2022-11-28T19:45:13+02:00 Aidarkhan Kaimov Nurzhan Aimbetov Zarina Saurova <p>The object of research relates to the field of control systems for mining and transportation machinery in the development of solid mineral deposits in open-cut mining. The problem of reducing the cost of transporting 1&nbsp;ton of rock mass and increasing the efficiency of these machines is solved. The article develops an expert system for the disposition of mining vehicles with a subsystem for the selection of their innovative appearance with the ability to control their operating parameters, taking into account the stochastic conditions of the developed sections of the rock. The mathematical model for the construction of the future appearance of a mining and transportation machine, based on its functional and economic evaluation, reduces to the solution of the problem of optimization of the generalized criterion of required efficiency. As an example of private indicators of their effectiveness in operation, there is an expert analysis of the evaluation of options for solutions, for example, structural-kinematic and operational parameters of these machines, etc. Innovative designs of a trough body of any size of the carrying capacity of single-rope and multi-rope steep elevators for highly profitable mining in quarries are justified unlimited values of their depth and annual productivity. In the proposed study, the values of the resistance forces to the destruction of a section of a rock mass, determined by analytical and experimental methods, are refined by finding the optimal Kalman coefficient, which increases the efficiency of the use of mining and transport machines. The proposed methods allow the development of innovative mining and transport machines with the ability to control their operating parameters taking into account the stochastic conditions of the mined rock section</p> 2022-11-28T19:32:53+02:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Aidarkhan Kaimov, Nurzhan Aimbetov, Zarina Saurova Determination of the load of a composite brake pad of a wagon with wedge-dual wear 2022-11-28T19:45:13+02:00 Alyona Lovska Vasyl Ravlyuk Izrail Elyazov <p>To improve the efficiency of the operation of freight rolling stock at the present stage of development of the railway industry, it is important to introduce its modern designs. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the rolling stock brakes, as the most important structural unit in terms of traffic safety. According to studies of the technical condition of the brake equipment of freight wagons, it has been established that one of the most damaged units is brake pads. As a result of operating load conditions, they experience uneven wear of the working surface – wedge-dual wear. A study of the load of a composite brake pad of a freight wagon with wedge-dual wear has been carried out. It has been established that the presence of such wear causes an additional load on its structure, including thermal. In this regard, not only the pad destruction, but also a violation of the safety of train traffic can occur.</p> <p>The conducted studies will contribute to the creation of recommendations for managing the temperature effect on the brake pad, as well as improving the safety of train traffic and a significant reduction in operating costs.</p> 2022-11-28T19:34:49+02:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Alyona Lovska, Vasyl Ravlyuk, Izrail Elyazov Account of navigational hazards when the ship and the target are avoiding collision at small distances 2022-11-30T23:31:36+02:00 Tetiana Kalinichenko Yevgeniy Kalinichenko Olena Tymoshchuk <p>Successful, fast and high-quality solution of the important problem of ensuring the safety of navigation and navigation leads to a significant improvement in the protection of human life at sea, as well as to a constant reduction in harm to the environment, property and other equally priority production processes in maritime transport.</p> <p>The navigation of modern large-capacity and high-speed ships of large sizes in cramped and limited areas is complicated by intensive navigation, with a much greater presence of navigation hazards and navigational obstacles that create the prerequisites for the occurrence of complex, non-standard and, sometimes, even emergency situations. Therefore, more than 80&nbsp;% of all navigational accidents occur every year in cramped and difficult for safe navigation waters, which confirms the great complexity and danger of navigation conditions in cramped and limited waters.</p> <p>This article is devoted to taking into account various navigational hazards when choosing a safe maneuver for divergence between the ship and the target at small distances between them.</p> <p>The case of taking into account a point navigational hazard in the case of an excessive approach of a ship to a dangerous target is considered. For a situation of emergency divergence of a ship with a dangerous target, a choice of a safe evasive course is proposed, taking into account the linearly distributed navigational hazard.</p> <p>The aim of the article is the procedure for analytical accounting of navigational hazards when the ship and the target diverge at short distances</p> 2022-11-28T19:39:13+02:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Tetiana Kalinichenko, Yevgeniy Kalinichenko, Olena Tymoshchuk Guidelines for improving laser targeting device in military 2022-12-03T20:02:26+02:00 Nikolay Padarev <p>The invention of the laser can rightfully be considered one of the most significant discoveries of the 20th century. At the very beginning of the development of this technology, they already predicted a completely universal applicability, from the very beginning the prospect of solving various problems was visible, even though some tasks were not even visible on the horizon at that time. Monochromatic laser radiation can be obtained in principle at any wavelength, both in the form of a continuous wave with a certain frequency and in the form of short pulses lasting up to fractions of a femtosecond. Focusing on the studied sample, the laser beam is subjected to nonlinear optical effects, which allows researchers to perform spectroscopy by changing the frequency of light, as well as to perform coherent analysis of processes by controlling the polarization of the laser beam. Lasers were initially limited more to scientific research and military applications. The report examines the use of laser targeting. Today there are several areas in which the introduction of laser technology in the military industry follows: air, ground and underground location, communications, navigation systems, rifles, missile defense systems. In the report let’s present some of the applications of lasers, as well as protection of them</p> 2022-12-03T17:48:03+02:00 Copyright (c) 2022 Nikolay Padarev