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The annual scientific conference «Technology transfer: innovative solutions in Social Sciences and Humanities» includes the possibility of patenting for the introduction of ideas and developments in the EU.
The preparation of the reports corresponds to the requirements for the design of European patents. If desired, the conference participant can apply for a patent on the basis of his report and receive the appropriate legal support.
This area of international scientific cooperation will help teachers and researchers of research institutes:
– in the European patenting of their ideas and developments (legal support and protection of intellectual property is provided),
– in the search for potential consumers of the object of patenting from among European industrial, financial and scientific institutions.
Within the framework of this direction, it is expected that teachers and researchers of research institutes will be able to design, legal support and protect intellectual property at the level of obtaining a European patent for their innovative ideas and developments.
Subsequently, a number of practical measures are proposed to attract European investors for the introduction of innovations.
Headlines of the conference:
- economic sciences
- pedagogical education
- philological sciences
- jurisprudence
- psychological sciences
- philosophical sciences
- military sciences
- history sciences
- arts and humanities


The conference editor is independently responsible for deciding which of the articles submitted to the conference should be published, guided by the results of double-blind peer-review and the COPE principles.

Deadline 3-14 days


The editorial board practices double-blind peer review.

This process involves the following:

  1. All manuscripts submitted are sent to at least two external experts in the corresponding field. The manuscript passes double-blind peer review, neither the authors nor the reviewers know each other.
  2. Reviewers' comments are transmitted to the authors, together with possible recommendations for the manuscript revision. The editor informs the authors, whether the manuscript is adopted without revision or authors are given the opportunity to review the manuscript and submit it again, or the manuscript is rejected.

Deadline double-blind peer review 30-40 days


The journal is published bimonthly.


Conference «Technology transfer: innovative solutions in Social Sciences and Humanities» is an open access. All articles are free for users to access, read, download, and print.


This journal uses LOCKSS system for distributed archiving published content in multiple libraries and information centers. Library - project LOCKSS ensure long-term storage of comprehensive log files and automatically restoring damaged information.


Publication fee is:

  • 50.00 Euro (correspondence participation)
  • 75.00 Euro (participation)

Journal doesn't have thesis submission charges