Keywords: electric submersible pumping units, oil well, repair frequency, failure rate


In recent years, in the oil and gas industry of Azerbaijan, the use of electric submersible pumps (SEP) as one of the effective way to increase the level of production of well products. Currently, electric centrifugal pumping units (ECPU) are widely used both on land and in offshore fields. Currently, a total of about 15 % of SOCAR’s oil wells are produced using electric submersible pumping units.

ECPU effectiveness is largely determined by both the period of their operation and the frequency of repair and restoration work.

It is established that the use of ECPUs contributes to an increase in the service life of equipment and the effectiveness of a mechanized method of oil production. To assess the benefits of the latter, the most important factor is the inter-repair period (Tir) of the equipment.

Existing methods for determining the inter-repair period of oilfield equipment are accompanied by large errors, which significantly reduce their reliability.

In this regard, the article is tasked with developing a more practical and reliable method for determining the inter-repair period, where the point of change in the nature of the failure rate is adopted as the determining parameter


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Author Biographies

Ibrahim Abulfaz Habibov, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University

Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics

Sevinj Malik Abasova, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University

Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics


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