• Timur Dovzhenko State University of Telecommunications
Keywords: active queue management, TCP/IP network, REM, DSREM, AQM regulator log frequency characteristic


The paper presents the main parameters and describes the behavior of the active queue management (AQM) algorithm which based on random exponential marking (REM) packets in TCP/IP network. It has presented the new AQM algorithm, which has been developed by author, which is based on REM and uses dynamically splitting marking characteristic (DSREM) of network packets. The basic parameters and functional principle of DSREM algorithm have been shown. Block diagram of linearized AQM system, which is based on DSREM management law and describes its main components, is shown. Transfer characteristic for DSREM, which is based on the Laplace transform and its basic parameters, are considered. Simulation of TCP/IP network, which contains congested link for small and large sources of incoming messages using REM and DSREM regulators, is done. Log-frequency characteristics for REM and DSREM methods are obtained and their comparative analysis is performed. It is concluded that the regulator based on DSREM algorithm has better performance and stability of the system can be used in the AQM system.


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Author Biography

Timur Dovzhenko, State University of Telecommunications

Department of Switching Systems


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