Keywords: electric field, electromagnetic interference (EMI), high voltage transmission lines (HVTL), field effects


Electromagnetic interference in high voltage transmission lines has been an interest topic due to its effect on human health, plants, electrical and telecommunication equipment. Extremely high voltages (EHV) in transmission lines are reasons of electrostatic effects, while short circuit currents and line loading currents are responsible for electromagnetic effects.

The aim of this research is to analyze electromagnetic fields in high voltage transmission lines in theoretical study and calculating its level in overhead T. L and therefore estimated the EMI produced, by employing a mathematical model of 230 KV tower double circuit configurations of high voltage transmission lines. The calculation is based on computer aided analysis (CAA) by using fields and corona effects software (FACE). It's found that the overhead power lines of general frequency (50 Hz) generates a highly intense magnetic field, the electromagnetic fields depends on the distance from sources and the type of line configuration. They decrease as the distance increase from the tower and conductors and increase with a high current.

The strength of an electric field is proportional to the voltage of the line and the magnetic field strength is proportional to the current in the high voltage transmission lines. Distribution line with a high current load may produce a magnetic field that is as high as those produced by some high voltage transmission lines.

 Some techniques of reduction of the effects of electromagnetic interference have suggested such as rearrangement conductors of transmission line, and distance from phase conductor and grounding system. The study recommended to keep safety distance operation in high voltage transmission lines with the necessity for engineer to take into account the effect of electromagnetic interference in the design stage of high voltage transmission power system, and to avoid any addition cost may be occur due to neglected effects of electromagnetic interference that produces by high voltage transmission lines


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Author Biography

Ban M. Alameri, Al-Mustansiriya University

Department of Electrical Engineering


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