Keywords: flat wagon, articulated wagon, dynamic loading, container stability, loading simulation, combined transport


To increase the efficiency of combined transportation, the supporting structure of flat wagon has been created. A feature of the wagon is that the sections have a low center of gravity. This solution allows for the transportation of oversized cargo on a flat wagon within the established dimensions. The design of this flat wagon can be used for the carriage of goods not only by main lines, but also in rail and water traffic when transported by rail ferries.

To ensure the safety of transportation of a flat wagon with containers on a railway ferry, their dynamic loading was determined. It is taken into account that a large-capacity container of 1AA standard size is placed on each section. The solution of the mathematical model was carried out in the MathCad software package. The resulting accelerations, as components of the dynamic load, were taken into account when determining the stability of a container on a flat wagon during transportation by a rail ferry. It was found that the stability of the container is ensured at tilt angles up to 25°.

A computer simulation of the dynamic loading of the supporting structure of an articulated flat wagon with containers during transportation by a railway ferry has been carried out. The calculation is implemented in the CosmosWorks software package using the finite element method. The fields of distribution of accelerations relative to the supporting structure of the flat wagon and containers are determined. The maximum percentage of discrepancy between the results of mathematical and computer simulation does not exceed 11 %.

The research carried out will contribute to the creation of innovative designs of flat wagons, as well as to increase the efficiency of the operation of combined transport in international traffic


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Author Biographies

Oleksij Fomin, State University of Infrastructure and Technology

Department of Wagons and Wagonriage Facilities

Alyona Lovska, Ukrainian State University оf Railway Transport

Department of Wagons

Olena Soroka, Danube Institute of the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”

Department of Navigation


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