Experimental implementation of thermal enhancement performance of air heat exchanger’s pipes utilizing unconventional turbulator

Keywords: air heat exchanger, thermal performance, heat transfer, hexagonal turbulators, heat losses


Heat exchangers are widely used in industry, however, raising their performance are important for the variety of applications. Consequently, efficiency improvement associated with low production cost is considered in this experimental work. The current study aims to enhance the rate of heat transfer in pipe-type heat exchangers experimentally by using a novel nozzle as a turbulator. The cross-sectional shape of the nozzle is hexagonal, and the diameter ratio DR is equal to 0.5. Constant heat flux was maintained in the vicinity of the section of the test tube, while the working fluid was pumped into the open system at six discrete Reynolds number values ranging from 6000 to 19500. To investigate the effect of distance among the pieces, three turbulators with different numbers were assigned and named as (N=4, 5 and 6). The results indicated an increase of 172 %, 194 % and 216 % of the heat transfer rate for cases 4, 5 and 6 respectively comparing to the benchmark tube. On the other hand, the friction factor values increased remarkably due to the inserting of turbulators by about of 722.9 % for N=4, 823.9 % for N=5 and 886.7 % for N=6 compared to a plain tube case. Moreover, it has been established that with the insertion of 6 pieces two enhancements was observed; heat transfer rate and thermal performance, where, thermal performance of all cases exceeds unity (maximum thermal performance of 1.62 has been obtained by inserting 6 pieces of hexagonal nozzles turbulators). A comparison with another types of vortex generators shows the gap between the turbulator and heated surface offers a solution for problems occurred in the pipes of heat exchanger. The study therefore suggests a wider practical implementation of the turbulators


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Author Biographies

Ali Abdulwahab Ismaeel, University of Technology - Iraq

Department of Electromechanical Engineering

Nassr Fadhil Hussein, University of Technology - Iraq

Department of Electromechanical Engineering

Kadhim H. Suffer, Al-Nahrain University

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Zuradzman M Razlan, Universiti Malaysia Perlis

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technology


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