Implementation of a fuzzy decision support system for selection of hand tractor assembly suppliers

Keywords: supplier, decision support system, fuzzy analytic hierarchy process, hand-tractor manufacturing


Supplier selection is a complex problem in the current Industry 4.0 era. The large number of suppliers with different performance qualities makes it difficult for the company's internal parties to choose the appropriate supplier. The suitability of quality suppliers needed to supply raw materials needed by the industry is an important matter to be resolved. In the hand tractor assembly industry, this small and medium industry is also very dependent on the availability of supply materials, and of course it also depends on the selection of the supplier itself. In this study, the object of research is the 151 hand tractor assembly manufacturing industry using 10 main criteria for selecting suppliers. Each criterion has a weight that is calculated using the Fuzzy AHP method so as to obtain alternative supplier results that are displayed in order.

A supplier is a company or individual that provides the raw materials needed by the company and its competitors to produce certain goods. In this study, a decision support system for supplier selection at the company has been developed using the AHP fuzzy method. The results of this study are expected to help companies in selecting suppliers that match the predetermined criteria. In building a decision support system that provides supplier recommendations, the authors apply the AHP fuzzy method in the process. With the Supplier Selection Decision Support System Using the AHP Fuzzy Method, it can help companies in selecting suppliers. Based on the research that has been done, suggestions can be made for a Decision Support System for Supplier Selection Using the Fuzzy AHP Method so that in the future it can facilitate the use of a more dynamic system


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Author Biographies

Denny Utomo, Politeknik Negeri Jember

Department of Information Technology

Pratikto Pratikto, Brawijaya University

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Purnomo Budi Santoso, Brawijaya University

Departement of Industrial Engineering

Sugiono Sugiono, Brawijaya University

Departement of Industrial Engineering


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