• Nikolai Kobasko Intensive Technologies Ltd
Keywords: local film boiling, resonance effect, elimination, water flow, low distortion, smooth hardness, hydrodynamics wave emitters, IQ–2 process


The paper discusses patented in Ukraine a new intensive quenching IQ–2 technology based on film boiling resonance effect [1]. Namely, the paper discusses improving of the batch intensive quenching (IQ) process known as IQ-2 method by the use of hydrodynamic emitters installed in quench tanks. The hydrodynamic emitters produce oscillating waves in the quench media with the frequency of the film boiling process creating a resonance effect. Two- and three-step IQ-2 processes are considered. Specifics of the heat transfer during the IQ-2 process are presented with focusing on the first stage of quenching where film and nucleate boiling processes are taking place. Examples of production IQ-2 equipment and loads processed are also presented. Application of hydrodynamic emitters in the IQ water tanks in addition to currently used propellers is considered in details. It is shown that the proposed new method can fully eliminate the film boiling process resulting in significant reduction of part distortion during quenching. Further evaluation of the proposed method is needed for its implementation in heat treating practice.


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