Enhancement efficiency of Michell-Banki turbine using NACA 6512 modified blade profile via CFD

Keywords: Computational fluids dynamics, efficiency, cross-flow turbine, micro hydropower


The small hydroelectric power plants (SHPP) are implemented in non-interconnected zones (NIZ) of developing countries. In which, the provision of electrical energy from the national interconnected system is not economically feasible. Therefore, in the literature, hydroelectric generation technologies have been implemented taking advantage of the energy available in the rivers. One of these technologies is the Michell-Banki type cross-flow turbines (MBT), which, despite having lower efficiencies than turbines such as Pelton and Francis, maintain their efficiency although fluctuations in site conditions. For this reason, different studies have been made to increase the efficiency of the MBT by making geometric modifications to both the nozzle and the rotor.

The purpose of this study is to determine numerically the effect of the geometry of the blades that form the runner on the efficiency of Michell-Banki Turbine (MBT). For this, two (2) geometries were studied corresponding to a circular sector of a standard tubular profile and an airfoil NACA 6512 modified in curvature profile and chord length, according to the profile of the standard tubular blade. For this study, transient simulations for multiphase water-air flow were implemented using a k-ε turbulence model in the Ansys 2020R1® CFX software. The two (2) turbine models were configured to the same hydraulic conditions of head and volumetric flow corresponding to 0.5 m and 16.27 L/s, respectively. Variations in rotational speed were configured between 100 and 200 RPM with 20 RPM steps. It was found that using the modified 6512 hydrodynamic profile, at 140 RPM increased efficiency by 6 %, compared to the conventional tubular type blade geometry


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Author Biographies

Steven Galvis-Holguin, Metropolitan Technological Institute

Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Jorge Sierra-Del Rio, Metropolitan Technological Institute; Pascual Bravo University Institution

Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Department of Engineering

Research Group - GIIAM

D. Hincapié-Zuluaga, Metropolitan Technological Institute

Department of Mechatronics Engineering


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