The development a fully-balanced current-tunable first-order low-pass filter with Caprio technique

Keywords: fully balanced, low-pass filter, current-tunable, sensitivities, harmonic distortion, Caprio technique


This paper presents the development and design of a fully-balanced current-tunable first-order low-pass filter with Caprio technique, which could include the design and implementation of a first-order low-pass filter circuits. The filter consists of six bipolar junction transistor (BJT) and a single capacitor. The filter construction uses a bipolar junction transistor (BJT) as the main device and a single capacitor. A fully-balanced current-tunable first-order low-pass filter with Caprio technique developed. The architecture of the circuit is quite simple and proportional, symmetrical with signs of difference. Circuits developed into integrated circuits act like basic circuits for frequency filter circuits, current modes with Caprio techniques, obtained by improving the first-order low-pass filter for signal differences with incoming impedances. Adjusting the parameters of the circuit with the caprio technique achieves the optimal parameter value for correcting the total harmonic distortion value.

The results of testing the operation of the circuit, a fully-balanced current-tunable first-order low-pass filter with Caprio technique developed and designed using the PSpice program. The simulation results showed good results in line with predicted theoretical analysis. The sensitivity of the device to the center frequency (ω0) response is low and independent of variables, the angular frequency is linear with wide current adjustment throughout the sweeping range of a wide frequency range, with a wide range of over tree orders of magnitude. Therefore, fully-balanced current-tunable first-order low-pass filter developed is very suitable to apply various applications regarding low frequency signal filtration, for example in biomedical systems, for example.


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Author Biographies

Samran Lertkonsarn, Mahasarakham University

Department of Electrical Engineering

Worawat Sa-ngiamvibool, Mahasarakham University

Department of Electrical Engineering


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Comparison of harmonic spectra of conventional circuit compared to Circuit with Caprio's quad

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