Decısıon makıng for car selectıon ın Vıetnam

Keywords: Multi Criteria Decision Making, B-segment car selection, R method, CURLI method


Mid-priced cars (segment B) are attracting the attention of middle-income families in Vietnam. They often consider choosing one of three vehicles from three different manufacturers, consisting of Hyundai Accent 1.4AT, Toyota Vios 1.5G, and Honda City 1.5L. This study was carried out to rank those three cars. Twelve criteria for rating each car provided by the dealer were used. These criteria are both qualitative and quantitative, and also fall into all three types, including max, min and another (“Yes”, “No”). The importance of each criterion was determined by experts in a survey. They are all knowledgeable about cars. Two multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) methods including R (A simple ranking method for multi-attribute decision making in the industrial environment) and CURLI (Collaborative Unbiased Rank List Integration) method were applied for ranking. This is the first work that has used both methods mentioned above. The result revealed that the rank of the alternatives is the same when both the methods were used. This result gives us a certain confidence when choosing a car. Accordingly, Honda City 1.5L is ranked first. R and CURLI not only succeeded in ranking cars in this study, but also promise to be successful when used in other situations. Moreover, other criteria for evaluating the vehicle options that have not been surveyed in this study are mentioned in the last section of this paper. They need to be further considered to include in other next studies for car selection


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Author Biographies

Do Duc Trung, Hanoi University of Industry

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Dung Hoang Tien, Hanoi University of Industry

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Nguyen Hoai Son, Hanoi University of Industry

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


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Decısıon makıng for car selectıon ın Vıetnam

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