The evaluation on performance of narrow- gap welding thick steel plates under the influence of main welding parameters

Keywords: narrow gap MAG welding, thick plate welding, microstructure, design of experiment


This work presents the experimental results of narrow gap butt welding of steel plates with large thickness by using the Metal Active Gas (MAG) welding method.The typical defects are accompanied with this process such as the infusion in the side wall and the porosity due to the narrow gap which affect on the melting process. Thus, some publications noted the results of welding for the thickness up to 20−30 mm and the chamfer angle about 30° using GMAW/MIG, GTAW/TIG, SMAW and new development such as laser – arc hybrid, laser multi- pass technique, super -TIG welding etc. But the production requires the solution to save the costs by the reduction of time, labour and investment keeping the standard quality. That is the aim of this study. In order to improve the quality of weld joint and increase the productivity of the process, is it suggested to develop the innovative welding process, in which the welding voltage – Uw, the translational velocity of the tip – Vt, and rotational velocity of the tip – Vr, are changing. This helped to increase the thickness of steel plates up to 50 mm and the chamfer angle decreased at 15°, providing the satisfied quality of the weld. The micrography study serve as the preliminary proof of this hypothesis.

The microstructures in 4 regions, such as the weld center zone, heat-affected zone (HAZ), parent metal region, and the boundary between the weld metal and the HAZ were examined. The microstructures of 13 positions from different experiments are investigated using the optical microscope (Axiovert 25).These experiments covered all specific points (node) locating accordingly to three layers from bottom to top of the weld joint . The findings proved the welding quality is similar in case of narrow gap but the chamfer angle is twice lower and the thickness is increased. The result of the study enhances the productivity due to saving the labour cost and the welding materials. It is recommended to consider the effect of other factors (such as cooling conditions, dwell time when the arc approaching the side walls) to optimize the weld quality. There is the huge volume of the heavy steel constructions with the thick steel construction and specific narrow gap in industry. The results of this study with the optimization and more deeper evaluation the influence of main parameters of welding process to eliminate the typical defects will be the valuable reco mmendation for the managers and engineers in the production of metallic constructions


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Author Biography

Vu Duong, Duy Tan University

School of Engineering and Technology


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The evaluation on performance of narrow- gap welding thick steel plates under the influence of main welding parameters

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