Effect of the improved protein-mineral additive on structural-mechanical characteristics of minced meat

Keywords: improved protein-mineral additive, calcium compounds, minced meat, cut meat semi-finished products, structural and mechanical properties


The results of research on the effect of protein-mineral improved additive (PMIA) on the rheological parameters of minced meat, which can be used for manufacturing culinary products, including chopped semi-finished products of a high degree of readiness, are presented. It has been proven, that the additive can be used both as an ingredient, enriching calcium-digestible compounds and to improve a number of technological properties of minced meat, in particular after freezing, storage and thawing. The aim of the study was to determine the dependences of changes in the structural and mechanical characteristics of minced meat after the addition of PMIA and subsequent freezing to a temperature of –16…–18 °C and storage for 20 days.

It has been found, that the addition of up to 7 % of PMIA leads to a marked increase in the conditionally instantaneous modulus of elasticity and highly elastic modulus in 4.4 times for minced beef and 2.7 and 4.4 times for chicken, respectively. It has been established, that the best stabilization of these indicators after freezing occurs at the content of PMIA at the level of 2…5 %. Studies of plastic viscosity and adhesion have shown that the use of up to 7 % of PMIA leads to an increase of 11…20 % and 26…64 %, respectively. After freezing, the plastic viscosity and adhesion of minced beef in the control decreased by 22.0 and 52 %, respectively, minced chicken – by 23.4 and 40.9 %. In the samples with a content of 7 % of PMIA, the decrease in plastic viscosity and adhesion is 7.2 and 4.4 % in minced beef and in chicken – 5.9 and 3.1 % respectively.

It has been proven, that the use of PMIA in the amount of up to 7 % in the technology of minced meat production minimizes the negative destructive effect of low temperatures on the structural and mechanical characteristics of the finished product. Thus, it is expedient to use up to 7.0 % of the improved protein-mineral additive in the composition of minced meat to enrich the finished product with digestible calcium compounds and improve their structural and mechanical characteristics, in particular after freezing and storage


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Author Biographies

Kateryna Leshchenko, State Biotechnological University

Department of Food Technology in the Restaurant Industry

Maksym Serik, State Biotechnological University

Department of Food Technology in the Restaurant Industry

Andrii Zahorulko, State Biotechnological University

Department of Equipment and Engineering of Processing and Food Production

Aleksey Zagorulko, State Biotechnological University

Department of Equipment and Engineering of Processing and Food Production


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