Tongue rolling and hand clasping among various ABO blood groups in a University community in Eastern Nigeria

Keywords: Morphogenetic trait, ABO blood group, tongue rolling, hand clasping, association studies


Morphogenetic traits are physical observable traits that can be inherited either in a single gene or multifactorial pattern. ABO blood group is a codominant inherited trait that has been associated with different anatomical and physiological variations. However, there are limited studies that have linked ABO blood groups with some morphogenetic traits.

This study was conducted to ascertain the distribution of morphogenetic traits like hand clasping and tongue rolling among ABO blood groups in a University community in Eastern Nigeria.

A total of 115 volunteers participated in the study. The blood groups of the participants were determined and the expression of the morphogenetic traits was gotten by physical observation. Greater proportion of the participants were males (55.65 %), students (61.74 %) and within ages 15−25 (58.26 %). There was a higher prevalence of blood group O (57.39 %), tongue non-rollers (53.04 %) and right hand clasping (74.78 %) among the participants. The participants with blood groups A and O recorded a higher distribution of tongue non-rollers while those with blood groups B and AB recorded an equal number of both tongue roller and non-rollers. The participants with blood groups A, B and O recorded a higher distribution of right hand clasping while those with blood group AB recorded a significant higher distribution of left hand clasping (P<0.05).

In conclusion, morphogenetic pattern of tongue rolling could not be associated with ABO blood group, whereas that of left hand clasping was associated with blood group AB suggesting that individuals with blood group AB is likely to exhibit left hand clasping; forming basis for determination of hand clasping using ABO blood group in future advancement of genetics and forensic science


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Author Biographies

Nkechi Clara Nwosu, Gregory University Uturu

Department of Anatomy

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Osah Martins Onwuka, Gregory University Uturu

Department of Physiology

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Ibinabo Fubara Bob-Manuel , Gregory University Uturu; University of Port Harcourt

Department of Anatomy

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Department of Anatomy

College of Health Sciences


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Tongue rolling and hand clasping among various ABO blood groups in a University community in Eastern Nigeria

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