Dengue fever in Nigeria: a mini review

Keywords: dengue, fever, transmission, diagnosis, pathophysiology, intervention, challenges, strategy, vector, occurrence


Dengue is a disease caused by dengue virus. It is a major mosquito-borne viral disease of humans that is endemic in areas of tropical and subtropical regions, which are environmentally suitable for vector propagation. The disease poses a major threat to the overwhelmed and weak public healthcare delivery system in the developing world, especially in Africa where febrile illnesses are common. The disease undermines the fight against febrile illnesses as infection with dengue often remains undetected or misdiagnosed as malaria or other febrile diseases. This review article highlights dengue epidemiology in Nigeria, dengue transmission dynamics, pathogenesis, diagnosis and current interventions strategies, challenges in addressing dengue infection and future prospects towards dengue elimination. The literature search for publications on dengue virus infection in Nigeria was performed using Google Scholar, PubMed, Web of Science, African Journals Online and other scholarly online databases. Dengue remains a threat to Nigeria and other African countries. In Nigeria, the occurrence of this infection remains a low priority in the public health sector even though it has been reported in about 17 states across the country. The reports of dengue infection in all the geo-political zones suggests active transmission of dengue, hence the need to consider other etiologies of febrile illnesses and engage the public to sustain local involvement as local risk to dengue outbreaks is linked to the population’s knowledge, attitude and behavioral practices that encourage vector breeding


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Author Biographies

Daniel Thakuma Tizhe, Ahmadu Bello University

Department of Biochemistry

Dentsen Fortune Dashe, Plateau State Polytechnic

Department of Agriculture and Bio-Environmental Engineering

Jacob Kwada Paghi Kwaga, Ahmadu Bello University

Department of Veterinary Public Health and Preventive Medicine


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Dengue fever in Nigeria: a mini review

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