Package offer for universities from Scientific Route OÜ publishing house


Are you ready to develop the potential of your university and publish articles in the EU? 
Do you want to publish a monograph indexed by Scopus?
The publishing house Scientific Route OÜ invites you to the Model of long-term cooperation with the Institution.
If you are a university employee, you will be interested in the package offer. More details...


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The aim of the journal «ScienceRise» is familiarization of the scientific community and the community of specialists in various fields of activity with new knowledge and data obtained by researchers in the following areas: Physical Sciences and Engineering, Health Sciences, Social Sciences. 
The multidisciplinarity of the journal, which includes 3 different scientific fields, is justified by the skeleton of the idea underlying the concept of the journal. This concept is presented as follows. More


Since 2020, journal «ScienceRise» has been published in Estonia (Publishing House «Scientific Route OÜ»).

From 2014 to 2019, journal «ScienceRise» was published by the РС ТЕСHNOLOGY СЕNTЕR. All journal archives for this period are available in the open access by the link

Current Issue

No. 3 (2022)
Published: 2022-08-26

Innovative technologies in industry

Social communications in the society development

Lifelong learning and professional development

Legal aspects in the system of industrial and social relations

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