• Liliana Horal Institute of Economics and Management in oil and gas sector Ivano – Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas
  • Svitlana Korol Institute of Economics and Management in oil and gas sector Ivano – Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas
Keywords: gas distributing enterprises, funding sources, strategy and development, investment – innovative activity


The article is dedicated to the transformation of the management mechanism of investment and innovative activity by improving investment and innovation processes gas distribution enterprises in Ukraine.
Examined and described the main methods of assessment and analysis of economic efficiency of investment and innovation activity; the basic indexes assessment of innovation activity of enterprises are offered.
By critical retrospective analysis it is determined the structure of sources of financing of investment activities in gas distribution enterprises. Established that the main sources of funding for investment programs are tariffs for transportation and supply of gas, it is approved by National Commission, which does state regulation in the areas of energy and utilities. The reasons of underperformance of the investment program are described.
The strategy of distribution enterprises is offered, the mechanism of its implementation, the development of economic and mathematical model of investment – innovative activities of gas distribution enterprises in the form of quasi – linear multiple regression.
Further developed the theoretical knowledge and practical advice on investment – innovative processes in gas – distributing enterprises.


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