Reflecting the theatralization of life in the prospects of transhumanism

Keywords: transhumanism, theatricalization of life, play, social communication, philosophical performance “In the Circle of Light. Improvisation in antique style”


The crisis state of society at the beginning of the 21st century is increasingly described as chaos. At the same time, the desire of people to theatricalization of many types of their activities remains unchanged. This gives grounds to consider the theatricality of being as a sociocultural constant, immanently inherent in humanity. The fact that it persists even during periods of cardinal changes, social transformations, civilizational shifts, breaking cultural stereotypes, destruction of traditional institutions and discreditation of established ideals can be explained by the fact that theatricalization of life allows people to cope with sociopsychological discomfort and existential fears, caused by the feeling of total chaos. At the same time, people are faced with the problem of increasingly complex self-identification, which is largely facilitated by the ideas of transhumanism, which actively shatter the already weak notions of what a human being is. One of the approaches to solving this scientific problem is proposed to consider human activity in the context of theatricality of being.

The purpose of the article is to comprehend the practice of theatricalization of various types of human activity in the context of the ideas of transhumanism. The methodological strategy of this research is based on the concept of theatricality of socio-communicative manifestations of culture. Analysis of the theoretical material showed that in the conditions of transhumanism, the development of criteria that make it possible to determine whether a human is still a human or has already turned into something else becomes an urgent task. One of these markers is proposed to consider the desire of a human to theatricalization of various types of their activities. Being one of the sociocultural constants immanently inherent in humanity, theatricality will be present in people's lives as long as they remain human, as long as they feel the need to articulate their social communication.


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Author Biography

Lada Prokopovych, Odessa Polytechnic State University

Department of Art History Cultural Studies and Philosophy of Culture


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