Keywords: size of particles, Williamson-Hall method, Scherrer formula, sol-gel technology, solid-state method, co-precipitation of hydroxocarbonates, high- temperature superconductors, SEM, Y-358 phase, X-Ray analysis


The superconducting cuprate Y3Ba5Cu8Ox was obtained with the help of sol-gel technology (sample C), co-precipitation of hydroxocarbonates (sample B) and solid-phase synthesis methods (A). Based on the results of scanning electron microscopy and methods based on the analysis of X-ray diffraction data: the Williamson-Hall construction and the Scherrer formula, features of the microstructure of the synthesized samples are established. The smallest particle size has a sample that has been synthesized by the sol-gel method. The tendency to aggregation and sedimentation for this sample is the smallest. The sample obtained by the co-precipitation method has larger grains and a higher tendency to aggregate. The size of the microparticles and the tendency to aggregate for the sample synthesized by the solid-phase method are greatest. The morphology of particles was studied using three methods: SEM, Scherrer and Williamson-Hall formulas and the following results were found: particle size depends on the synthesis method, but a relatively narrow size distribution within one synthesis method remains, the value of crystal lattice microdeformation for samples increases in a line: C sample– A sample– B sample. Thus, the work was carried out for determining the size, structure and morphology of superconducting phases. It expands knowledge in the field of research of superconducting compounds


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Author Biography

Anastasiia Bolotnikova, Bogomolets National Medical University


Department of Medical and General Chemistry


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