Incoming control parameters for PVC sheets used for the production of plastic cards

Keywords: plastic card, control method, measuring instruments


One of the main requirements for obtaining high-quality raw materials for production is a clear formulation of the necessary parameters that the manufacturer of materials must comply with in the production of raw materials. The very observance of these parameters in the future will reduce the number of production of unsuitable products and plastic cards with defects.

Parameter control is carried out for each separate batch of materials. The sample during inspection should be at least 0.1 % of the total amount of material, the deviation from the parameters should be included in the tolerance.

The tasks of the stage of product quality control should ensure the implementation of the quality policy, as well as the general economic policy of the enterprise. Control is an integral part of the activities of any enterprise, a regulator of factors that form quality at all stages of the production process and ensure the release of quality products.

Based on the analysis and experimental studies, the main parameters that need to be monitored were determined: geometric dimensions, color, thickness, density, surface tension, tensile strength, uniformity of paint application, shrinkage during sheet sintering


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Author Biography

Olena Nazarenko, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Department of Printing and Publishing Technologies


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