Development on advanced technologies – design and development of cloud computing model

Keywords: Data, big data, knowledge mining, information explosion, data management, social networks


Big Data has been created from virtually everything around us at all times. Every digital media interaction generates data, from computer browsing and online retail to iTunes shopping and Facebook likes. This data is captured from multiple sources, with terrifying speed, volume and variety. But in order to extract substantial value from them, one must possess the optimal processing power, the appropriate analysis tools and, of course, the corresponding skills. The range of data collected by businesses today is almost unreal. According to IBM, more than 2.5 times four million data bytes generated per year, while the amount of data generated increases at such an astonishing rate that 90 % of it has been generated in just the last two years. Big Data have recently attracted substantial interest from both academics and practitioners. Big Data Analytics (BDA) is increasingly becoming a trending practice that many organizations are adopting with the purpose of constructing valuable information from BD. The analytics process, including the deployment and use of BDA tools, is seen by organizations as a tool to improve operational efficiency though it has strategic potential, drive new revenue streams and gain competitive advantages over business rivals. However, there are different types of analytic applications to consider. This paper presents a view of the BD challenges and methods to help to understand the significance of using the Big Data Technologies. This article based on a bibliographic review, on texts published in scientific journals, on relevant research dealing with the big data that have exploded in recent years, as they are increasingly linked to technology


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Author Biographies

Alexandra Briasouli, Technical University of Sofia

PhD Candidate

Department of Computer Systems and Technologies

Daniela Minkovska, Technical University of Sofia

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Computer Systems and Technologies

Lyudmila Stoyanova, Technical University of Sofia

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Computer Systems and Technologies


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