Innovative technology to solve the problems of automation of mining and geological works

Keywords: open pit mining, dispatching system, rock mass, skip hoist, counterweight


The object of research relates to the field of control systems for mining and transportation machinery in the development of solid mineral deposits in open-cut mining. The problem of reducing the cost of transporting 1 ton of rock mass and increasing the efficiency of these machines is solved. The article develops an expert system for the disposition of mining vehicles with a subsystem for the selection of their innovative appearance with the ability to control their operating parameters, taking into account the stochastic conditions of the developed sections of the rock. The mathematical model for the construction of the future appearance of a mining and transportation machine, based on its functional and economic evaluation, reduces to the solution of the problem of optimization of the generalized criterion of required efficiency. As an example of private indicators of their effectiveness in operation, there is an expert analysis of the evaluation of options for solutions, for example, structural-kinematic and operational parameters of these machines, etc. Innovative designs of a trough body of any size of the carrying capacity of single-rope and multi-rope steep elevators for highly profitable mining in quarries are justified unlimited values of their depth and annual productivity. In the proposed study, the values of the resistance forces to the destruction of a section of a rock mass, determined by analytical and experimental methods, are refined by finding the optimal Kalman coefficient, which increases the efficiency of the use of mining and transport machines. The proposed methods allow the development of innovative mining and transport machines with the ability to control their operating parameters taking into account the stochastic conditions of the mined rock section


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Author Biographies

Aidarkhan Kaimov, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Department of Information Systems

Nurzhan Aimbetov, Halyk Bank

Department of Information Systems


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Innovative technology to solve the problems of automation of mining and geological works

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