• Olena Veselova Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Keywords: geomorphological zoning, soil categories, analysis of cartographic materials, genetic types of soil cover


The possibilities of mutual dependence of the areas of genetic types and varieties of the soil cover of the intensively developed region of the Northern Black Sea Coast with taxonomy of geomorphologic zoning, with morphogenetic categories of the relief of the earth's surface, with separate topographical and genetically homogeneous surfaces, with simple and complex surfaces of different morphology, exposition, morphometric parameters (vertical and horizontal dismemberment, steepness of the slopes) are considered and analyzed.

The relevance of this approach is important and timely, given the presence of a number of problems in the Ukrainian economy. The study is carried out both in the territory of the regions a whole and in key areas, which in general represent the most revealing features of orographic, geomorphologic and paleogeographic character, distribution and quality of soil cover.

Thanks to the analysis of the theoretical and methodological representations, an algorithm for the ecological and geomorphological analysis of the formation is used and degradation of the soil cover in the central part of the Northern Black Sea Coast is developed, based on the provisions of the philosophical vision of scientific knowledge.

This report presents a step-by-step consideration, based on the example of the investigated territory, the diverse cartographic information chosen and analyzed in the context of the message topic, in conjunction with the properties of the soil cover of the region


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Author Biography

Olena Veselova, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

Graduate student

Department of Earth Sciences and Geomorphology


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