• Rita Sahaidak-Nikitiuk National University of Pharmacy
  • Svetlana Velma National University of Pharmacy
Keywords: logistics costs, subjects of the pharmaceutical industry, factors of influence, logistic system, matrix of components of logistics cost savings, medicines, flows, pharmaceutical industry


Aim: to determine the factors of influence on the magnitude of logistics costs and developing measures to minimize them.

Materials and methods. The methods used in the study include the expert, systematic method of scientific knowledge, structural analysis, the method of abstract modeling. An expert method was conducted with the help of questionnaires of specialists of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and wholesale pharmaceutical companies. 118 respondents participated in the survey. The degree of consistency of expert opinions was determined with the help of the coefficient of concordance, which is 0.8374 (the normative value of the coefficient of concordance is 0.75), the Pearson criterion also exceeds the table value for the corresponding number of degrees of freedom, which testifies to the non-randomness of their judgments.

Results. The factors influencing the amount of logistics costs are determined. The internal factors of influence include the activities of the subject of the pharmaceutical industry, assortment structure and structure of the use of substances and materials, the magnitude of stocks, etc. External factors of influence are the level of prices for logistics services provided by outside organizations; rate of transport tax; environmental taxes etc.; competitors suppliers of substances and materials; consumers; intermediaries; legislative base, etc. The conducted questioning of specialists and taking into account the current experience of leading foreign pharmaceutical companies allowed to determine the main measures to minimize logistics costs for all parts of the logistics system - procurement, production, transportation, storage, distribution and recycling, and types of flows - material, financial, information, labor.

Conclusions. Based on the carried out research, the factors influencing the magnitude of logistics costs, which experts are divided into external and internal, are determined. The matrix of the components of LV savings is proposed, which takes into account the type of flow and the links of the logistic system. The constructed matrix allows to minimize the amount of LV, which helps to reduce the price of drugs for the end user.


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Author Biographies

Rita Sahaidak-Nikitiuk, National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor

Department of Processes and Apparatuses for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Production

Svetlana Velma, National University of Pharmacy


Department of Pharmacoinformatics


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