Features of insurance risks’ classification as the basis of risk management of insurance companies in the financial crisis

Keywords: insurance risk, risk management, financial crisis, financial stability, insurer, international standards


Since the global financial crisis had impacted on all aspects of insurance companies' activities, it became necessary to focus on the activities of insurers and further improve the integrated risk and capital management of global and regional insurers. The purpose of the research is to analyze differences between national and European standards for risk identification in Ukrainian insurance companies, and to provide suggestions for improving the mechanism of risk insurance management. Using the method of comparative analysis and the method of content analysis of national and international solvency standards for insurance companies, the national characteristics of the types of insurance risks and the organization of the implementation of European legislation in domestic practice were determined. By the method of generalization and deduction, the key challenges for improving the effectiveness of insurance risk management in Ukrainian practice were identified. The results of the study shows the necessity to implement a unified system of insurance risk management in Ukrainian practice, which contents national and global characteristics of the functioning of insurance markets. The results of the research have significant practical implications for insurance companies and state government insurance market and can serve as a basis for improvement of theoretical principles concerning the identification of insurance risks and implementing European experience of insurance companies in national practice.


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Author Biographies

Nataliia Bondar, National Aerospace University «Kharkiv Aviation Institute»

Department of Finance, Accounting and Taxation

Viktoriya Fursova, National Aerospace University «Kharkiv Aviation Institute»

Department of Finance, Accounting and Taxation


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