• Uliana Kohut Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University24 Ivan Franko str., Drohobych, Ukraine, 82100
Keywords: MAXIMA, learning tools, investigative approach, “Operations research”


In the article the problems of using the systems of computer mathematics (SCM) as a tool to support the teaching and research activities in the field of informatics and mathematics disciplines training are investigated. The role of SCM in the process of bachelors of informatics training and special aspects of pedagogical applications of these systems in the “Operations research” study is defined. The main characteristics of SCM MAXIMA and the ways of organizing access to it both in local and the cloud-oriented implementation are considered. The results of the pedagogical experiment on MAXIMA application to support the investigative approach to operation research study and the analysis of its conclusions are reported. The use of SCM Maxima in the process of “Operations research” teaching aims at the forming students’ ICT-competences, including in a cloud-based environment due to: the acquaintance with functional characteristics of SCM Maxima; developing skills of mathematical research of the applied tasks, in particular the construction of mathematical models; mastering programming in the SCM Maxima; obtaining the necessary knowledge base for studying other disciplines; increasing the level of informatics acquirement by means of the extensive use of SCM and cloud oriented systems in the educational process and research work. The aim of the research is justification of Maxima system use of in the process “Operations research” teaching in the pedagogical university as enchasing the investigative approach to learning and determination of the perspective ways of its introduction


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Author Biography

Uliana Kohut, Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University24 Ivan Franko str., Drohobych, Ukraine, 82100

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of informatics and calculus mathematics


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