• Iryna Khomyn Ternopil National Economic University
Keywords: agrarian sector, agroholdings, soils degradation, deformation, concentration, imbalance, farm economies


It is accented, that since the end of ХХ century and during almost two decades of XXI the main problem in Ukraine has become the growing imbalance of plant and animal husbandry branches because of the evident decay of the latter. There is offered a thesis, according to which a cause of such deformation of the agrarian sector in Ukraine is distorted levers of the financial-economic of its development regulation. There is stated the fallacy of a stake on the concentration of agricultural production in agroholdings that take a lion share of budgetary dotations, whereas it is difficult for farmers even to get soft loans. As an argument, there are cited agricultural indices of Poland, where the problem of balance between plant and cattle branches doesn’t exist, because farm economies are their base like in countries of the European Union. Attention is accented on a necessity of the cardinal review of financial-economic development levers of the agrarian sector of Ukraine. It is offered to reject budgetary dotations that usually pass over most farmers, and are given selectively, not always for ones, who cannot develop their production without them, and at the same time don’t influence in any way the agrarian sector development because of their insufficiency.

There is substantiated the expediency of reorientation of these costs to the privileged crediting of agrarians. It is expressed a conviction that due to that, it will become a financial level that creates possibilities for the development of production not only in agroholdings, but, by the Polish example, in small commodity producers that abruptly increases a need in the working force in villages, so prevents such negative phenomenon as the rural population decrease, mainly caused by the modern tendency of monocultural plant husbandry, ignoring its harmonization with animal husbandry.


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Author Biography

Iryna Khomyn, Ternopil National Economic University

Department of Finance named after S. I. Yuryi


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